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måndag 6 april 2015

The Colouring Story about Me

Hi Friends
I live in the little Sweet country Sweden
I work as a guitar teacher,
 and I love my work:0)

                     All my life I loved to draw and coloring. 
I have a father who is an artist. 
Today my father is sick so he does not do any paintings anymore.

Im so Sorry that he is sick and I wish that it was something
 I could do so he feeling better..

So the things I can do-with my Copic Markers, I learned from him.
When he was an active artist he made paintings in oil and watercolours. 
I loved to see him color and My love to drawing and coloring has always been there and I remember I could draw at least 5 different things at the same day and I always run downstairs to show him:0) and he always looked at it a long time and smiled, he always had something good to say about my creations, lol ..he is a kind old man :0))
My childhood was a  Magical time with him and  my mother as well, of course.

When my kids came I did not make any creations at all
Lol no time for that then:0))
 I had a break for many many years, 
 For about 2 years ago,  I did not feel so good and had a lot of trouble with my health, 
strange symtom
 No doctor knew what it was or where it was due to.
I had this symtoms for a long time, I think it was 2 years maybe more,.
Some doctors believed stress and someone else suspected borellia.
I X-ray the brain, and yes I was a little bit afraid when I did that.
I also visited a neurologist.
It is strange, and sometimes incomprehensible to know
what hapens to one's body and one's mind.
It was a tough and a down time for me

But I believe it s important to think of good things when times is anything else than good,
and that you try to make everyday to a little happiness,
- even if its just to go out and look at the sky !!!!
I always been a forest girl and I love to go out and just smell all goodies outhere

After some time With strange symtom,
 I started to color, a feeling of some happiness :0))

and slowly I started to feeling better.
At that time I never heard about Copic Markers,
but an friend showed them to me.

That's how it started with Me and the Copic Markers

I LOVE my Markers and Today I feel better...

-Maybe because of the Markers;0)
Lol Who knows :0))
Sometimes some symtoms is back
but I dont know what to do more about it,
so I try to live my life together with them:0))

Today I colour a lot and have a lot s of wonderful friends in the world of Copic Markers.
And so Happy to know all of them:0)

Today Im a colorist over at:

Through the Craftroom door
Lacy Sunshine,
Julia Spiri
Copic Europa

-You are Welcome to Visit them!!

Im a Design Team-leader
at the wonderful
Webbased Crafty Magazine TTCRD
Owner Cara Malmrose

Lacy Sunshine
Artist: Heather Valentine

Julia Spiri New Release Team
Artist: Julia Spiri
Julia Spiri Shop Etsy
Copic Europa

Cicci :0)

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